Tsuchiya Law Office is founded by Mr. Koken Tsuchiya in 1965. Mr. Koken Tsuchiya was a former president of Japan Federation of Bar Association.

Our law firm is one of the oldest law firms in Tokyo and continues to propose valuable legal services and proper solutions to our clients. We value our long-standing client relationships and welcome opportunities to work with new clients. Our legal services and solutions are supported by reliable knowledge and experience.

Our professional attitude to work is “Do our best for our clients”. That is a policy of Mr. Koken Tsuchiya and was exemplified by him. Members of our law firm take over the policy.

We are mid-sized law firm. Each member of our law firm has specific professional fields and various experiences in their own practice areas. We often combine our skills to carry out a task. Feel free to contact us.

Practice Areas

Civil case
Real Estate Transactions, Lease Transactions, Construction Disputes, Traffic Accident disputes, Labor Disputes, Consumer disputes, Collection of Claim, Tort Actions, Neighbor Disputes

Corporate law
General Corporate Legal Practice, Legal Review, Corporate Governance, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Litigation, Risk management, Management of Shareholder’s Meeting

Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy
Adjustment of Debt, Bankruptcy, Civil Rehabilitation, Corporate Reorganization

Family case
Divorce, Wills, Gurdianship Proceedings

Criminal case
Defense against Criminal Investigation, Criminal Litigation (including lay judge system) or Juvenile Delinquency

International case
Review of international contracts or transactions, Research of international legislation, Divorce by international couples

Attorney’s Fee

 Attorney’s Fee

The above list is a guide of Attorney’s Fee. Generally, Attorney’s Fee will be calculated for each case after consultation. Tsuchiya law office sometimes adopts “Time Charge system (Hourly rate)”


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